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Uptown Education has become an integral part of our computer curriculum over the last several years. The students enjoy the unique interactive games and I love the fact that they are having fun while learning. Its ease of use and flexible design make Uptown Education appropriate for students of all ages. Knowledge Wand's exceptional customer service and great software keep me coming back for more.
Jennifer Johnson
Villa Maria School
Bronx, NY
I just love the fact that during downtime in the computer lab students would rather go onto Samson's Classroom then play online games. I know I can call and will always be met with a friendly voice that is willing to help! Never have I felt "left out there" to figure out the program on my own.
Annette Lopez
PS 306
Bronx, NY
After trying it out myself, I was amazed at how fun and educational the games were. I decided to let my five year old daughter have a try. After a few days of her trying out the program, she begged me to order the Home Plan so she could obtain full access to the site.
Jacqueline Chinappi
I just love this program. Not only is it fun, but the worksheets in the resource center are great. There are numerous pintables’ in the resource area. I would highly recommend this program for both reading and spelling.
Jacqueline Noveck
Your programs are a tremendous component to our curriculum. Our test scores have significantly increased and our students were fooled by the academic learning from the programs.
Ellen Jo DeSantis
Elmer Avenue Elementary
Schenectady, NY
Your programs have helped tremendously and will continue to help my kids, they like visiting the site. It is effortless learning for them. Thanks!
Linda Baron
PS 97
Bronx, NY
My nephew does not even realize he is learning, but it is evident from his teacher’s comments!!!
B. Gorman
The program itself is very intuitive. The menus are clear and instructions are both dictated to the user and in text form on the screen. Sight Words with Samson effectively teaches the user to sight read certain words that are easier to just recognize than to sound out every time.
Educational Software Review
In my opinion, Sight Words with Samson is the best sight words tool available and it is very affordable.
Mrs. Johnson
1st Grade Teacher
New York, NY
We are extremely pleased with your program and my students love to use Uptown Education!
Patti Klein
St. Matthias School
Ridgewood, NY
Sight Words with Samson is a great program! My daughter plays it by herself for hours. Now her kindergarten teacher is impressed with how well she knows her sight words.
Rick Morelli

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